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Jamin's Downtown Disney Flashmob Proposal

Seaching it on youtube on 05:12 am . And i found this . Krik Krik 


Congrats to Jamin and Val :) 
You're sooooo sweettt & i already got jealous on both of you expecially Val .
You so lucky girl ^^ Every girl dream of a wedding proposal just like you .
And yeahh includes me .
 I'm a girl with lot of surprise & i hope so one day the man will give a wedding suprise with him own way and creativity . 
Err hahahaha . Wedding Proposal ?
 Wake up you eighteen okay , its to early for you to a wife . 
Grrr >< learn how to cook first then you can get married .
 Phewwww -.- Jyeahh .
 Ehh anyway , my birthday upcoming soon , 
so i'm waiting a big big surprise from you babe .
 But , its my turn first to give a shock suprise on your birthday .
 AGAGAGAGAAAAA . What should I do now ? :(