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Assalammualaikum . Welcome to My-Onl-Diary . Keep following me & I'll give you more & more love . KamsaHamiDa . Love me now, love me then, love me forever, until the end.

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Old Mia & New Mia :') I miss the old ones

Hi fellas , Paper Physic just like a mess =='
Okay forget it , struggle for next paper ^^ CHEMISTRY .
Once again I should stay-up for this night .
Arghhhhhh >,< I'm too sleppyyyyyy during exam just now .
Ohmayyyyyy *tersenggup-senggup 

Okayy , forget it . Focus on this video . 
Am I look like Nur Feetri ? Nahhh I more cuteee than her .
Kjoke . Dont bash me pleaseeee :/

Mia in her dream come true world . Wakaka
And now , look at this picture carefully , 
Its different indeed , 
No more smile , no more cute face & no more "Mia" .