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Saya masih WUJUD ke dalam hidup awak ?

Assalammualaikum cinta hati :')
I wait for his mention for one whole day ,
I stalk his profile every seconds , 
Ohh I ignore my lunch , dinner because I'm waiting for him .
Hummmmmm .
I'm the happiest person when i read your tweet . 
But its not for me .

Ohhh dia busy reply fans dia kat ask.fm tu . 
Ada orang taksuka kami couple . Taktahu lah sape . 
Maybe dia crush my boyfie kod . 

and I get jealous with this tweet 

Goodnite Rafi Aldrian & Imissyou so much :/

*sorryyyy tak baca bercerita , mood spoil sikit . Insyaallah bila dah dapat mood "ceria" mia tu mia update okay . Anyway , Goodluck for PMR candidates . Do your best adek-adek .