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What a sleepyyyyyyyyyy day :(

*Yawn* I didnt sleep for whole night . What a bad bad day for me . After solat subuh just now , i get my strength back >,< Fighting for physic paper . I hope i can do well . Err i really really hope i can pass the paper . *pass only ? hummmm . I did not studying for physic paper and I'm not ready to take it !!! Mommmmmmmmmmmm . help your cute daughter please . Pray for me :D

Actually i got problem with my relationship . And I call my mom to tell her that I maybe dismiss for this sem .  I got problem with all paper dude . I dont know why . How to concentrate on study if i always bad mood all over time , crying for whole night , listening to broken heart songs and blalalalala . I keep away my books and sit for an hours in front of my sweety lappy . Only facebook can cheer me up . HAHAHA *Good reason haa mia . 

So , last night i'll try to activate my twitter and yeayyyy ! I stalk his profile again and again . And i mention him ^^ Did he reply it ? Naaahh never . Then kak arfah said " Mia , dah study ke belum ? Esok ade paper kan . " Dengan renungan tajam kak Akma and Kak shima . Errrr terus pegang buku . Selak-selak je , takde mood pun nak baca . Ape kebenda pun tak faham >,< 

Kak Shima overnight kat bilik Mia . Thanks a lot to her because forcing me to study . Ahaha siap jadi miss fizik lagi auwww . Kena marah ? Tak juga . Cuma Mia agak emo *like always . So Alhamdulillah faham la sikit-sikit and Insyaallah mungkin dapat buat sehabis baik nanti . Mia nih senang catch up and senang lupa . Banyak makang kepala ikan nih :p *what the ? tak okay ==' 

Its 7:38 am . And i got an exam on 9 am .
What a sleepy dayyyyyyy . can i sleep during answer it ? hehew .